A little about Bristol, CT

Bristol CT is a fairly large city (over 75,000 residents last time I checked), with an industrial base. It's top employer now, is ESPN the sports network, and a division of ABC.


Everything in the picture at left has some significance:
Starting at the top left, the hot air balloons signify the "Balloons Over Bristol", festival held twice a year. The roller coaster, is one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in existance, located at Lake Compounce, the longest continually run amusement park in the United States. The carousel horse, is from the New England Carousel Museum, located here in Bristol, where old horses and menagerie are restored by master craftsmen. The "Phantom of the Opera", is from Witches Dungeon, a small museum open only around halloween every year, where a local artist, has created the likenesses of many a screen and movie monsters. He is also the person that drew the design on the picture, Courtland Hull. The drums and flags, are reminicent of our proud history of our veterans of war. There is a Memorial Boulevard in town, dedicated to all our fallen veterans. The ball and bat represent the Eastern Regional Little League

Last updated on
March 20, 2016

 complex that has it's home in the city. The lock and key, are from the various lock companies that used to dot the area, most notably Eagle Lock. The teddy bear, is from our Teddy Bear Jamboree every October, where children of all ages can come and enjoy some time together in the company of bears of all sizes, shapes and colors. The clock represents our rich clockmaking history. Bristol is the home of a clock and watch museum. Finally, the crysanthemum in the center, represents our Crysanthemum Festival, held every September.

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